Research Projects

No. Title of Research Project Name of PI Name of Co PI Funding Agency Amount mobilized Project Type category
1 A Study to Assess the Level and Quality of Inclusion of CWSN in Regular School Dr. Sudhir H. Tandel Dr. Jayna K. Joshi SSA, Gujarat 592840 B Tandel Sudhirkumar Haribhai
2 Transport and Thermodynamics properties of components of Clove oil Dr. Sangita Sharma UGC 7,00,000 A Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
3 Health care consumerism :A study on cosumer satisfaction from Healthcare organization from Gujarat Dr. Ashwin Modi indian institute of public Administraction 392000 B Dr. Ashwin Modi
4 Habitat suitability and corridor analysis for Sloth bear in Gujarat using Remote Sensing and Ecological modeling Dr Nishith Dharaiya Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Department of Space, Government of India 2141700 A Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
5 Fungal DNA barcoding: A molecular approach for accurate species Indentification of North Guajrat Region in India Himanshu S. Bariya Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, GOG, Gandhinagar 1950840 A Dr. Himanshu Baraiya
6 Study of Administrative & Cultural Adaptation required for Access, Retention and Learning of Tribal Children Dr. Sudhir H. Tandel Dr. S. G. Patel SSA, Gandhinagar 757777 B Tandel Sudhirkumar Haribhai
7 Studies on Spectral, Thermodynamic, Transport and Acoustic properties of Binary and Ternary mixtures of some components of Tea Tree oil with organic solvents Dr. Sangita Sharma MRP-UGC 13,65,800 A Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
8 isolation ,identification and Activity of Pestiside Degrading Microorganisma from Semi Aride soils From North Gujarat Dr.S.A. Bhatt World Class University development Fund ,HNG university,patan 135000 C Dr. Shreyash A Bhatt
9 Effect of Brassinosteroids on protein profiling of some groundnut cultivars under salinity stress. Dr. Illaben Patel UGC 908800 A Dr. Ila C Patel
10 Development of effective propagation methods for some conservation concern medicinal plants of North Gujarat Dr. Illaben Patel World class university development fund, H N G University, Patan 120000 C Dr. Ila C Patel
11 Comparative study of schools having higher grades and lower grades during gunotsav programme & Study of effectiveness of gunotsav programme on classroom teaching Dr. S. H. Tandel Dr. R.R.Patel SSA, Gandinagar Govt. of Gujarat 670540 A DR. Rupesh Patel
12 Cause and Condition of Child Labor in Patan District Mr. Mitul M. Deliya Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan 105000 C Mr. Deliya Mitul
13 Causes of low utilization of Primary level of Healthcare services in North Gujarat Dr. Bhupinder Chaudhary Dr. Ravindra Sharma HNGU, Patan 40000 C Dr. Bhupinder Chaudhary
14 મહેસાણા -પાટણ જિલ્લામાં આવેલી બીજી થી સોળમી સદી શુધીની પ્રાચીન વાવાનો કાળ નિર્ણય અને તેની સાથે જોડાયેલ દંતકથાઓ અને તેની ઐતિહાસિક મૂલ્યોને ઉદઘાટીત કરવું . Dr.Dilip C.Patel no Hemchandrachary North Gujarat University ,Patan 110000 C Dr. Dilip C Patel
15 Characterization of fungal elicitors and their role in expression of resistance gene in Arachis hypogaea L. Dr. Himanshu Bariya Science and Engineering Research Board, DST, New Delhi 1085000 B Dr. Himanshu Baraiya
16 Contribution of Mass Media in Socio-Economic Development (A Study of Tribal Area Sub Plan of Gujarat) Dr. Manoj Lodha Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan 120000 C
17 Diversity and Biotechnological application of Endophytic Microflora of Saline Desert Dr. Rajesh Patel Dr. Rajesh Patel Hem. North Gujarat University 1100000 A Dr. Rajesh Patel
18 Evaluation of some potent anti-HIV compounds obtain from medicinally important plants / heros available around North Gujarat region of India Dr. K. A. Parmar UGC, World Class University Grants, HNGU, Patan 150000 C Dr. Kokila A Parmar
19 Physico-Chemical studies on Ricinoleic acid: The main component of castor oil Dr. Sangita Sharma World class grant/ State Government 1,35,000 C Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
20 A study on Consumer Satisfaction from Healthcare organizations : Promoting Healthcare Consumerism at Gujarat Dr. Ashwin Modi Ministry of Consumer Affairs, New Delhi 379000 C Dr. Ashwin Modi
21 Estimating carbon sequestration from native trees: an Approach to combat the climate change Dr Nishith Dharaiya Gujarat Council on Science and Technology 138000 B Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
22 INPIRE Programme Dr. Ashish Patel DST 1600000 A Webmaster
23 Patan Jain Gyan Bhandar : Importance, Limitations and Solutions Prof. Devsinh Bhalabhai Rathva UGC, New Delhi 130000 C Dr. Devsinh B Rathva
24 Soil / Invertebrates Interaction sanjay dave sanjay dave UGC, New Delhi 256000 A Dr. Sanjay M Dave
26 A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PRIMARY SCHOOLS HAVING HIGHER & LOWER GRADE ASSIGNED DURING GUNOTSAV Tandel Sudhirkumar Haribhai Rupesh Patel SSA, Gandhinagar 670000 A Tandel Sudhirkumar Haribhai
27 Influence of Arid and Semi-arid Soil Microbial Composition on Growth, Water Status and Nutrient Uptake Mechanism in Certain Bioindicator Plant of North Gujarat Region Under Saline Condition Dr. Ashish Patel Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM) 1900600 B Dr. Ashish Patel
28 Empowering investors by demystifying performance measurement communications:A study on investors of North Gujarat Dr. Ashwin Modi HNGU, Patan 90000 C Dr. Ashwin Modi
29 UGC-BSR Start up Grant Dr Himanshu Bariya UGC, New Delhi 600000 B Dr. Himanshu Baraiya
30 Detecting and monitoring sloth bears at the northern edge of their range Dr Nishith Dharaiya Dr. Dave Garshelis, Dr. Robert Stainmeiz International Bear Research and Management Association, USA 250000 B Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
31 Ruffords Booster Research Grants Dr Nishith Dharaiya Ruffords Small Grants Foundation, UK 700000 A Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
32 Study on synergistic effect of phytochemicals with antibiotics against multidrug resistance bacteria Dr. Piyush Vyas Dr. Rajesh Patel UGC ( Ref UGC F/41/361/2012, Date july 13, 2012 A Dr. Rajesh Patel
33 Data mining from Sanskrit literature and its relevance with current scientific information for metal technology Dr. Dilip C. Patel UGC, New Delhi 85000 C Dr. Dilip C Patel
34 Economical position of Retires (Senior Citizen) with special Emphasis on saving, Consumption and Investment Decisions : A study report for North Gujarat region Ms. Riddhi Gopalkumar Agrawal UGC 125000 A Agrawal Riddhiben G
35 Elderly in the Rural areas of north Gujarat: Role, status, Life conditions, problems, solutions Dr. Gargiben N. Raval UGC 143000 A Dr. Gargi N Raval
36 Evaluation and Pharmacological Study of few herbs and plants used in Indian system in medicine Dr. K. A. Parmar UGC F No: 41-1318/2012 (SR)[2011-12] 155000 B Dr. Kokila A Parmar
37 Evaluation of social culture and economic transformation in costal communites of gujarat Prof Hemixa Rao UGC 692100 A Webmaster
38 Impact of Direct to Home Services on Television viewing habits of rural consumers: Implications for DTH and other potential industries -A comprehensive Study of Rural area of North Gujarat kavita trivedi atit trivedi UGC 121000 C Trivedi Kavita A
39 Isolation, Identification and activity of pesticide degrading microorganisms from semi-arid soils of North Gujarat Dr. Shreyas A. Bhatt UGC, World Class University Grants, HNGU, Patan 120000 A Dr. Shreyash A Bhatt
40 Metaproteomic Analysis of a Different Protein Response to Soil Salinity. Dr. Ashish Patel University Grant Commission (UGC) 1473830 B Dr. Ashish Patel
41 Monitoring and Assessment of coastal wetlands of Gulf of Kachchh using avifauna as a key indicator Dr Nishith Dharaiya University Grants Commission 983800 A Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
42 Study of soil enzymes involved in nitrogen transformation in semi-arid soils. Dr. Shreyas A. Bhatt UGC 197500 A Dr. Shreyash A Bhatt
43 Women's Empowerment : A study of Sakhi Mandal Yojana (SMY) & Its Impact on Women of Rural Area of Patan District Mr. Nishith Bhatt Mr. Mitul Deliya Mr. Bhavesh Parmar Dr. Harshad Raval UGC, New Delhi 130000 A Dr. Nishith Bhatt
44 Centre for Indian Diaspora and Cultural Studies Prof. Adesh pal UGC 1000000 A Dr. Aadesh Pal
45 Violation of Women Rights in Patan District Mr. Mitul Deliya Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi 508475 A Mr. Deliya Mitul
46 Monitoring and Evaluating A Nutritional Health Status and Morbidity of School Going Children and Initiating Nutrition Health Education Programme. Dr. Ashish Patel Dr. Prerna Patel Department of Science and Technology (DST) 1224000 B Dr. Ashish Patel
47 Equilibrium and solid state studies on some hetero chelates Dr. A. S. Prajapati Dr. J. J. vora UGC B Prof. J J Vora
48 A Comparative study of impact of TV commercials on Rural-Urban Girls of Gujarat Dr. Manoj Lodha University Grants Commission, New Delhi 100000 A
49 Sonochemical and Photochemical Degradation of Dyes Prof. Sangita Sharma GUJCOST 511000 A Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
50 Sonochemical and Photochemical Degradation of Dyes Dr. Sangita Sharma GUJCOST 5,40,000 A Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
51 INSPIRE Programme Dr. Ashish Patel Department of Science and Technology 3200000 A Dr. Ashish Patel
52 Restoration of endangered plants around Narmada Canal in North Gujarat through ex situ conservation: Saraswati Van Dr. Nishith Dharaiya Dr.Rajesh K Patel Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd 1350000 A Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
53 Identification and Characterization of Enteric Bacteria in Wild Bird Species Dr. Sanjay Dave GUJARAT STATE BIOTECHNOLOGY MISSION (GSBTM), GANDHINAGAR 1057300 A Dr. Sanjay M Dave
54 Saline desert Metagenomics exploration for Commercially valueable enzyme Dr. Rajesh Patel Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, Gandhinagar 1213480 A Dr. Rajesh Patel
55 Microbial degradation hydrocarbon and Bio Surfactant Production from oil well isolates of North Gujarat Region Dr. Rajesh Patel Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, Gandhinagar ( ref Gujcost 2010-11/409, Dated March 14, 2011) 18000 C Dr. Rajesh Patel
56 Acostic and Transport Properties of Binary solution of beta pinene with some aromatic hydrocarbon DR. Sangita Sharma GUJCOST 17062 C Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
57 Identification of Enteric Pathogens from Wild Bird Population Dr. Sanjay Dave GUJARAT COUNCIL ON SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (GUJCOST), GANDHINAGAR 18400 C Dr. Sanjay M Dave
58 Vatan Seva : NRG's Contribution of Gujarat Dr. Adesh Pal UGC, New Delhi under Area Study Center A Dr. Aadesh Pal
59 Centre for Indian Diaspora and Cultural Studies Dr. Adesh Pal UGC, New Delhi under Area Study Center 400000 A Dr. Aadesh Pal
60 Corrosion inhibition of Tin coated Steel in Acidic medium Dr. Sangita S. Sharma UGC 190000 D Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
61 Role of Mass Communication in Tribal Development – A Case Study of Tribal Sub Plan Area of Gujarat Dr. Manoj Kumar Lodha University Grants Commission, New Delhi 125000 A
62 Study of Novel Antibiotic from Saline Desert Microbial Diversity for Anti MRSA Activity Dr. Rajesh Patel UGC ( Ref : F/37-550/2009, Dated Dec 23, 2009) 200000 B Dr. Rajesh Patel
63 Cumin Blight Managment Strategy Formulation Dr. Rajesh Patel Gujarat council on Science and Technology ( Ref : Gujcost /SSP/201469/2009-10, Dated Jan 8, 2010) 25000 C Dr. Rajesh Patel
64 Evaluating habitats and Human-bear conflicts the in North Gujarat Dr. Nishith Dharaiya. The Ruffords Foundation, UK 390000 A Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
65 “A Study on effectiveness of Environmental Laws in North Gujarat, Special Reference to Human Rights” Dr.Smita B. Vyas UGC 80000 C Dr. Smita B Vyas
66 Multi institutional HRD project BitVirtual (Virtual Institute of Bioinformatics) for M. Phil in Bioinformatics Dr. Rajesh Patel Colloboration GSBTM A Dr. Rajesh Patel
67 Evaluation and Assessment of Man-Animal Conflicts in North Gujarat Region Dr. Nishith Dharaiya Gujarat Forest Research Institute, Gandhinagar 684000 B Dr. Nishith Dharaiya
68 Thermodynamics and transport properties of Binary and ternary mixtures of Cajeput oil with organic Solvents Dr. Sangita Sharma University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India 94,200 A Dr. Sangeeta S Sharma
69 Preparation of Database of Migrants from Gujarat Dr. Adesh Pal UGC A Dr. Aadesh Pal
70 Phytochemical survey and chemical screening of some medicinal plants and herbs:An approach to the pharmacological activity Dr. K. A. Parmar UGC 87000 A Dr. Kokila A Parmar