Management Club

The Management Club contributes to the growth of our Management Student. We provide our Student an opportunity to develop personally and professionally through education, through association with business professionals, and through the development of leadership roles.

We also promote the opportunity for students in our club to become educated and caring members of the university community and to a greater degree, to the general business community.

The Management Club was formed for the purpose of building a network among Management students, especially the fresher's and their immediate seniors. This club provides a chance for students to interact with fellow students, faculty, business leaders, and the surrounding community. The club offers a series of activities to address personality development, professional and business issues that are not generally included in the formal program but are critical to the overall this study experience. Guest Faculty is invited to update the knowledge and skills of Management students, students get an opportunity to interact with the budding entrepreneurs.

Objectives of Management Club

• Make students aware of the wide range of General Management opportunities
• Provide companies with an effective channel to target highly qualified interested candidates
• Aid students in networking for these opportunities
• Help prepare students for their interviews
• To impart skills for development and enhancement of personality of students.
• To improve communication skills and decision making power.
• To enhance spirit of competition among students.
• To increase awareness regarding business world.
• To enhance the participation level among students.
• To prepare the student for grooming them self as a part of personality development.

Management Club Activities

Career Guidance Seminar:
Management club has established an active of Guidance & Counseling cell for counseling the students of the college as well as students of schools of the area. Resource persons from different fields deliver talks about career options to pupil-teachers and staff of the college. This knowledge about careers is then disseminated by student and-teachers in different class of student in University through guidance and career counseling seminars and workshops.

1) In June 2014 we arrange along with the sport of local trust career guidance seminar for Arts, Commerce & management, and Science student who appeared in 12th exam. And give all the detail about all the courses available after H.S.C. Gives them the brief about the courses and other opportunities available after the course. And the Information provided for various courses, their eligibility,
2) An interaction-cum-orientation program was organized on Augest-2014 specially for GPSC Class 1 & 2 Exam; students were briefed about the functions and the services provided by the Career Counseling Cell, different entrance and competitive examinations, and various career prospects.
3) In 2013 a career guidance seminar organized for the BPO and KPO services. Give the knowledge about the task and performance of industry.
4) A seminar held September 2013 for the financial service sector. To teach the management student regarding the practical aspects of financial industries like Banking, Mutual fund, Brokerage, Insurance and Loan etc. which also included the role and opportunities of Financial Sector in India.
5) A seminar held January 2013 for the Retail Industry. To teach the management student regarding the practical aspects of industries, which also included the role and opportunities of Retail Business in India.

Job Fair:

We host an Annual Job Fair which provides an excellent opportunity for students to meet as well as to start networking with a variety of interested Human Resource Professionals and organizations and learn about job and internship opportunities. This Fair is normally held in final Semester each academic year.

Job Fair Objectives

• Introduce prospective employers to our final year students.
• Expose students to entrepreneurial project sponsors.
• Initiate the networking process between prospective graduates and prospective employers.
• Allow students to experience real interviews.
• Showcase students' skills and competencies to employers and project sponsors.
• Facilitate the opportunities for our students to gain employment.
• Stimulate students' interest in career building possibilities.

Important Pointers for Job Fair Preparation

• Complete Background search on companies which are of interest to you.
• Review information on the internet and recent news paper articles about the industry which they work.
• Make a list of questions to ask company representative (s).
• Prepare business outfit for the occasion.
• Prepare for the interview.
• Practice. Roll play with friends to improve your delivery.
• Prepare your resumes. Must be well edited.
• Bring more resumes than you expect to use.
• Know what career fields interest you and what skills make you an attractive candidate.
• Prepare to be on time.
• Be specific. Begin by stating your name, major and tentative graduation date.
• Explain your career interest.

Event Management:

We train our student in such a manner that they can handle any cultural and social program organized in university. They have been organizing as an active part events such as youth festival (consecutively for two years) Yuva Samelan (14 Aug. 2014), Fresher’s and farewell function, Navratri celebration, Work shop & Seminar, and any formal gathering.
They also organized formal and casual events, Inter-college competition, Day Celebration, Fun and Learn Games, Sports Events, Traditional Games, at their own.

Wisdom (A management Expertise):

Every Year Management club organized Wisdom. The Wisdom Event is One Day Excellence is aimed to bring together all students pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Computer Application, to present their excellence in various fields of management. This event is to bring out the innovative skills, hidden talents and practical application of academic knowledge. S K provides a wonderful platform to the competition like Enigma (Business quiz), Efficacy (Extempore), Ecstasy (AD Made), and Eloquence (Presentation). So as to enhance students’ excellence in all the aspects of business administration. Students in each competition will be awarded with Wisdom. And certificate from H.N.G. University.

Efficacy (Extempore)

 The overall communication power is tasted in this event
 In the first round the participants will be given general topics on management to speak for 2 minutes.
 The selected candidates based on their innovative and influencing speech, will be supposed to speak for 3 minutes as a public speaker (refer CS - II speeches from SY BBA syllabus)
 The finalist will be given any five words to spell out. Out of which major correct answers the top three winners will be selected. In final round if tie occurs, the mentor will decide the tie breaker word to spell.
 Each query will held the final decision in the mentor’s hand

Ecstasy [AD Made] :

 Participants should register as a team of 7 (Max.) students.
 Students are required to present AD' as a role play for television media.
 First round: Participants are free to present any new creative AD' of their choice.
 Second Round: Best five from them will be selected to perform the ADs' of convener's choice.
 Team will get 15 minutes time for the preparation.

Eloquence [Presentation]: 02.00 p.m.

 Participants should register as a team of 3 (Max.) Students.
 The duration of the Power Point presentation should be of 7 minutes (Max.)
 Students are required to come with their final presentation in CDs.
 Participants are required to select any of the topics given below.

Enigma (Business Quiz)

 Participants should register as a team of 3 students.
 Participants can develop and check their knowledge with different Parameters like, Finance, Marketing, Personnel, and general business knowledge.

Brain Storming:

Management Club initiated activities of case study, solution of case problem, project preparation for business, etc. for student. By this they enhance the power of strategy development and problem solving act. These acts also develop student for the presentation of solution, team management & leadership quality.

Role Playing:

  • Role Play activity be very clear about what you want people to get out of the role playing experience. Muddy thinking at the outset will result in muddy outcomes. Clear thinking and role play preparation result in clear outcomes. This act fulfill below objective.
  • Are you assessing skills or are you developing them? If you are assessing people, they need to know the competency level expected of them and the brief needs to have measurable outcomes. People also need to trust that the role play will have the same level of challenge for them and their peers. So, don't put people through an assessment role play until you know they have reached a certain standard (through development activities and role plays).
  • Are you giving everyone the same level of challenge, or are you flexing according to the level of skill demonstrated by each individual? The former is more recommended for assessment, the latter for development (see above)

Fun Activities:

College is a time of exploration, both inside and outside of the classroom. However, most students only have four years of higher education — and it goes by quicker than you think so with this point we organized Fun Activities.

  1. Management Club arranges the Fun Fair at Youth Festival 2014.
  2. Management club organized the games like, Treasure Hunt, Ice- bracking Game, Sports Day, Picnic, Tracking, etc
  3. Activities like Antakshari, One Minute Act, Singing Compitition, Rangoli Competition, Mahendi , Painting, Crafting, clay molding, cooking competition, Planning my career Collecting things (coins, shells, etc.) Going for a holiday, Going to a movie, etc are also arrange by the management club.

Finance Club
With various organizations and scholarship programs, as a Management student, We have the collaboration and professional development needed for successful preparation for a career in finance. The finance club, FINITIATIVE, is a student driven initiative that collaborates both with corporate institution from the financial sector as well as the academia, to provide a valuable platform for students to improve their quantitative and analytical abilities. Some of the popular activities conducted by the club include virtual stock trading, workshops to obtain a greater understanding of financial concepts, organizing talks by eminent individuals from established organizations and generally testing one’s intelligence by playing with numbers

Financial Planning Club
Bringing together students from across disciplines who are interested in learning more about financial planning, the club seeks to attract speakers of national prominence who will help inspire successful professionals with careers in financial planning.

Real Estate Club
Established to provide a forum in real estate and to learn more about the industry, the real estate club was developed in collaboration with the Whitman Kuhn Real Estate Center. Guest speakers and site visits are the highlight of participation, with areas of real estate including architecture, construction, development, finance, law, management, and sales commonly covered.

The Student Investment Club
In today's markets, experiential learning through organized models is important for student growth and success in financial services. With this object we run student Investment which Students from across campus gain firsthand experience in portfolio management as members of the Investment Club.

Production & Ops Club:
The Production OPS club has been open for the benefit of those interested in knowing about the nitty gritty of Production & Operations in Business. To get more students involved with the Operations group and to create awareness among them about the importance of Operations in each and every aspect of day-to-day Business.

MarketMix – The Marketing Club
Our mission includes educating students on the topics and issues relevant to the marketing domain; preparing students for and assisting them in obtaining – careers in marketing, developing relationships with marketing business leaders through guest lectures and interactions.
• Club member do the marketing activities like serves of any new business recently they conduct the market survey of low fat Snacks.
• Conducting market survey of PTN NEWS channel

The social service cell- Arpan, Management Club With the motive to give a little back for what its members have gained from the society. Sharing the dream of a society that believes in giving, Arpan signifies hope for a tomorrow that has a population-wide belief of living for others. Because at some point in life, everyone realizes - a life lived just for self is not worth it.

  1. We arrange Blood donation camp every year.
  2. Celebrate Giving Week and visit the orphanage, Old age home, Hospitals school in poor locality, to give the need full item to them.
  3. Arrange tree plantation, clean campus movement, Health check-up camp, for the social act.
  4. The management club also arranges the awareness camp like Consumer protection, Shuraksha Setu, RTI Act. Legal Awareness, etc.

Patron: Vise Chancellor - Prof. (Dr.) R. L. Godara
Pro Vice Chancellor - Dr.Dipuba H. Devada
I/C Registrar - Dr. Dilipbhai C. Patel
Advisory Board Member:
Dr. B.A. Prajapati
(HOD, Department of Commerce And Management)
Dr. Nishith Bhatt
Dr. Ashwin G. Modi
Dr. K.K. Patel

Core Committee Member:

Ms. Riddhi Agrawal Mr. Mitul Deliya
Mrs. Kavita Trivedi Mr. Bharat Prajapti
Mrs. Payal Barot Mr. Jay Trivedi
Mr. Anand Patel